Where To Meet Guys/Girls In College

The idea of rolling up to random guys/girls and starting a conversation is truly terrifying to most people. Wouldn’t it be easier if it was just natural to meet new guys/girls in your everyday life?

This idea is simple yet incredibly powerful: structure your life so that new, attractive guys/girls are around you every single day.

I call it an “ecosystem.” [Coined originally by Tim from RSD]

The oldest and most widely known way for creating an ecosystem is to go out to parties and bars at least three days a week. That is totally legit and the many success stories surrounding it are a testament to its power.

You could also roll around and cold approach strangers. If you can muster the balls to do this, you will be rewarded nicely.

In this article, I would like to present some other options for creating something called an “ecosystem” that I have personally integrated into my life. I hope you all find some value in this.
In general, an ecosystem is…

1. Outside of your room. Seriously, get out of your fucking room

2. A series of places you go to where guys/girls will be in close proximity to you and where interactions will naturally start (ie a warm approach).

3. A series of places that you can easily integrate into your daily life. This is a very passive approach to meeting guys/girls, but it works.

Luckily for you, you are in college.

To give you an example of an ecosystem, here are some places I go in an average day…


Wake up, go to a college dining hall for breakfast

Buy a meal plan. I probably run into at least one new girl who I could easily start a conversation with every single day at these places, be it in line, getting a drink or the occasional girl who will SIT RIGHT NEXT TO ME (This will happen more than you might think)

Hit up a large gym

When I go to the gym, I usually run into at least two girl employees on my way to the locker room, never mind the girls I bump into at the dumbbell rack or while getting a drink of water. The downside is those damn ipods.

Go to class

If you are in class, you are in the single best place to meet girls. If you are in a lecture hall, get there early and sit in a seat with two open seats between you and the aisle. If a girl sits in the aisle seat, that means she thinks your cute but is kindof nervous. Talk to her after class, during which time you should be making eye contact with her and smiling. If a girl sits right next to you, then she not only thinks your cute, but is also pretty confident.


Instead of goofing off or working at home, do it in a large, busy coffee shop

Coffee Houses on college campuses have a lot of people circling through them. If there is a lounge area there with comfy chairs surrounding a table, sit in one of the comfy chairs and, soon enough, a girl will sit within proximity to you. Opening is very easy here, just ask her to watch your things, take a leak then come back, tease her about being a good guard or whatever you feel like talking about. You will also get into proximity with girls in line and when your getting your sugar and stuff.

Walk around public parks

Even though it is cold as fuck up here, I still love walking around the parks around town. You will walk by many attractive girls, and if you feel ballsy you can pretty easily start conversations with them.

Go to events or join clubs

If you live on a college campus, there are probably a lot of student groups putting on events. Go to these! Seriously, these are amazing. I went to a Malaysian student association dinner a while back and was one of two white people there- the other was a pretty cute white girl. Boom, easy conversation to start.

Even if you don’t give a shit about what the group is doing, join it to meet people! For example, a buddy of mine likes to go to PETA meetings even though he is a NRA member and hunts. He tells me the girls there are amazing. I’m a libertarian yet I still go to College Democrats meetings to be social.


Same suggestions and reasoning apply here as in the coffee shops.

Some Other Ideas

– Tanning Salons
– Yoga
– Cooking Class
– Women Studies Class (I will be trying this out next semester)
– Barber Shops
– Dance Class
– Hardware Stores
– Tennis Club
– Amusements Parks
– DMV/Secretary of State (I would go gay if a guy approached me there- god are those places boring)
– Bookstore
– Protests and Demonstrations
– Grocery Stores
– Museums
– Women’s Clothing Stores
– Mall


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