My College Experience

Alright, it is time to get a little bit personal.

I go to the University of Michigan.  Getting into UofM was my greatest achievement, since everything I did in high school was geared towards accomplishing that.

Unfortunately, I was a one-trick pony.  During high school I barely socialized because I thought it was a waste of time and, instead, buried myself into history books.  I developed this sort of wierd “I am a history genius” ego that I used to justify not having a balanced life and as a way to feel superior to others.

I actually wrote a history book.  Granted, it was a shitty book, but an accomplishment none the less.

A crucial turning point for me came in 12th grade when I had my first serious crush on a girl.  I remember obsessing over her all year and fantasizing about all these amazing things we were going to do together.

Of course, I barely even talked to her all year.

When I was accepted into Michigan, I finally gave myself permission to change.  I began lifting weights, began developing a personality and began learning about time management and productivity techniques.

During my first semester, I stumbled around.  Like anyone making radical changes to themselves, I was very incongruent with my new identity.  I sucked with women, sucked at making friends and did pretty lame in class.

Though at least I could look people in the eye when I talked to them.

One trait I did possess that served me well was that of persistence.  I knew where I wanted to go and was determined to stay on the path that I knew would get me there.  Slowly but surely, all the areas of my life began to improve.  Soon enough I was having success with girls and easily making friends.

Most importantly, my confidence in myself was getting rock solid.  I finally began feeling in control of my own life.

Unfortunately, my grades continued to be pretty average.  That changed during my sophomore year when I did research into how to start and run a business.  I found that many of those principles were applicable to getting good grades, and this was confirmed in experience.

I cut the amount of time I spent on schoolwork by 80% while dramatically improving my grades.

Additionally, I figured out ways to make even the most boring classes worthwhile.

Today I am by no means perfect; however, from where I was coming from, I am an example of someone who has transformed.  This blog is an expression of the new me, and I hope that another 2 years from now, I am an even better person (And hopefully the blog is even better).

Right now I am working to get into the School of Education.  I hope to be a fantastic high school teacher that makes an impact on my student’s lives.  I also hope to change the way teacher’s teach so that high school is not a giant waste of time for the majority of students (Which I think it is now).  Eventually, I hope to create my own school.

College itself is amazing.  I love the college way of life.  Even if I won the lottery today, I would still be doing exactly what I am doing now.

I hope this blog can help all of you have as great of a college experience as I have.


One Response to My College Experience

  1. dardi3n says:

    man, i love your way of thinking (that is quite similiar to mine) and love all these posts you wrote.

    i am also a rsd “member” and all that, and now, more than ever, i always trying to improve myself using this kind of things you write about.

    here i can see a see another point of view about things i read in another places, and some new good stuff (all that college things) from someone that is actually experiencing it.

    and i can say, that if i had the opportunity to know you personally, i would xD (but it isn’t possible – portugal here).


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