Should I Room Single Or With A Roommate Freshman Year?

This is an interesting question that has a simple answer: it depends on the experience that you want.

Here are the different experiences you will get with each.  Pick the one that you want.

Living in a single

1.  You will have your own room.  You do not have to worry about synchronizing bed times, being sexhiled, bringing guys/girls back to your place, or sharing resources

2.  You will have a place that you can go for some guaranteed alone time.  This is great when you need to “get away”

3.  You can close your door and have privacy

4.  Usually hallways with single rooms aren’t as loud as others (This is just a general trend)

5.  A potential downside is that you have to be very proactive about building up your social life.  You do not have a roommate bringing new people around

6.  There is also a greater tendency of people living in singles to isolate themselves in their rooms (Jokingly called dorm trolls)

7.  Singles also tend to be very small

Summary:  I have lived in a single for both years of college and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  It was nice being able to do my own thing and to have a place where I could be alone.   The key is to be proactive so that you do not fall into the dorm troll trap

Living with roomates

1.  Most roommates become friends during the year.  Your roommates will typically brings friends around as well, giving you another way to meet people

2.  Doubles, tripples and quads tend to have their doors more often than singles, which makes it harder to be isolated

3.  Most roommates get along splendidly, but there is a chance that you will have problems.  On the surface this seems bad, but on the positive side it will teach you valuable conflict management and general people skills

4.  These rooms tend to be much larger than singles

5.  Usually these rooms are where your neighbors will hang out (Singles are too small)

6.  If you get a roomate who comes from a different background than you, you will gain some pretty cool perspective

7.  You will undoubtedly get a lot of really cool stories

8.  You will learn how to communicate VERY well.  99% of roommate problems are due to a failure to communicate.

Summary:  Most of my friends who lived with roommates liked the experience.  There were moments, but in general it was pretty cool.  If you think you might need a kick in the ass to get social, then DEFINITELY live with a roommate, as you will get that kick.


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