For Guys: How To Succeed With Girls In College

A lot of college guys do not have the sex lives that they want.  If this is you, the good news is that this can be changed pretty quickly.

I am not a professional dating coach, nor do I have “tight game.”  That said, I was able to go from zero success with girls in high school to all the success I want in college.

Here are some resources that I believe can help you regardless of where you are at right now.

NOTE: You should not just read through these once and be done with them.  Study them so the concepts really “click.”


If you are a virgin or have sucked with girls in the past, it aint that big of a deal.

If you have never had sex before, here is what it is like.

Understanding What Attracts Girls

Here’s a long, detailed article about attraction.

Here’s a shorter article that talks about how why what you say to a girl is irrelevant.

How To Think Around Girls

Here is an article about the mindset you have when you are around an attractive girl.

An article on being a positive, value-giving guy.

A video about some more mindsets you should have around girls.

Nervousness Around Girls

Here’s an article about the anxiety you feel when you are about to approach a girl.

Here is an article about dropping your ego, which will clear most of your anxiety.

Stuff To Do With Girls

Here are some fun things to do with girls in college


Read this book!

I hope this stuff helps.


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