Quick Thought On Whether To Work In The Morning Or Not

A lot of websites that give advice on college success recommend waking up early and doing work in the morning.  Here are some pros and cons to working in the morning.


1.  You have the most untapped energy available in the morning

2.  Being productive in the morning build positive momentum.  In other words, it is easier to be productive during the day if you’re productive from the moment you wake up

3.  You feel like you aren’t “wasting time”


1.  You lose the flexibility of when you go to bed

2.  You can’t drink the night before (It’s tough to work with a hangover)

3.  If you wake up late, you feel like you are way behind and start off the day in a lousy emotional state

4.  By working in the morning, you put yourself in a logical state of mind.  That will carry throughout the day and affect how you interact with others

5.  A lot of people find their creativity is a little lacking in the morning hours

Personally, I use the morning as a way to prepare myself for the rest of the day.  I like to spend my mornings at the gym, having sex, eating and hanging out.

That does not mean I recommend you do the same.

What I do recommend for everyone is that you do something before you begin working (No, brushing your teeth does not count).  Some suggestions include hitting the gym, meditating, having sex or eating a really nutritious meal.  This is called having a morning ritual.

If you jump straight into work, you will probably be performing at a very sub-optimal level.


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