The Two Ways Of Winning

There are two ways people typically look at winning:

1.  Winning to beat someone else

2.  Winning to succeed in reaching a goal or in getting what you want.

Unless you have been living in a cave your whole life, you are probably aware of how sports work.  One team/person takes on another team/person, they compete and then there is a winner.

The goal for both teams/individuals is to beat the other one.

Unfortunately, this definition of “winning” is transferred to contexts outside of sports.

For example, the motivation for some people to get good grades is to “beat” their peers.  This gives them a nice fix of superiority that serves the same function as a blunt to a pothead.

Competition is fine on a mediocre level.  But once you start doing things like trying to fuck someone else’s girlfriend, comparing what you have with someone else, or be better than someone else, you lose a part of your identity.

In fact, you completely lose your ability to be individualized because you are dependent on how others perform and react to you for your fulfillment in life.

Even worse, that mindset will stunt your progress towards getting what you want.

Your mentality at all times should be “ok, how do I get to what I want for myself while helping lift other people up?”

That is when good things begin to happen.


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