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How About Some REAL Information About College Life?

I am talking about every element of college life: getting good grades, having fun, making friends, dating, and everything in between. All of this will be from an actual college student.

Yes, this site even has information on “risque” topics like hooking up, drinking and sex. Nothing is off limits.

When I was entering my freshman year two years ago, I remember looking online for some information on what to expect. I was hoping to find some information about how to do well in class, meet some friends, get a girlfriend and generally find out about what college is actually like.

Unfortunately, most of the information I found was written by older adults, was packaged into expensive products or was sugarcoated to the point of uselessness. I could find little useful information to help me out.

This website is my attempt to fill in that void. The articles on this site will give you not just an understanding of the realities of college life, but proven tools to succeed in every area of it. Best of all, it is all 100% free.

Regardless of whether you are a high school student looking ahead- or are a college student interested in some change- this website will be of value to you.

Who Am I?

My name is Andy.  I am a junior at the University of Michigan.

When I came to college, I was a shy, introverted guy who had a difficult time getting work done in an efficient manner.

Since that time, I have dramatically changed myself.  Pulling solid grades is very easy for me now, and the best part is that I only have to spend a small percentage of the time that I did before on getting them.

Additionally, I have a solid group of friends and can easily go up to random strangers and strike up a conversation.  My sex life has gone from non-existent/taking whatever I can get to having choice in my partners.

I say this not to brag but to open your eyes to the fact that you truly can redefine yourself during your college years.  I hope that you can get value out of this site regardless of where you are coming from.


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